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Tourism in Málaga: 8 plans you cannot miss

Malaga has recently become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. As a highly rated destination by TripAdvisor, the success of the city and its popularity amongst tourists is rapidly growing. Moreover, tourism in Malaga is no longer seasonal, and we welcome visitors all year round with a wide variety of activities, seasonal festivals, things to do and see, and a privileged climate throughout the year.

But once here, what things should we not miss? Sightseeing in Malaga is a delight. It is an accessible, not too big city, with almost all its attractions very close to each other. So, whether it’s a long or short stay, we give you clues about places and plans that you should write, yes or yes, on your agenda. Let’s get started!

Eating fish at a “chiringuito”

No matter what time of the year you visit Malaga you can enjoy fried fish in the many chiringuitos They are typical Spanish restaurants by the sea where fresh fish from the area is cooked in the traditional way.

They are open all year round, offering different kinds of fish depending on the fishing season. “Espetos de sardinas”  (roasted, strung on a cane sardines) are the specialty, but you should also not miss our fried “boquerones”, that will taste delicious with a good glass of “Barbadillo” white wine, “sangría” or “tinto de vernao”.

Malaga’s “ajoblanco” and “gazpacho” are also typical cold soups that will bring a touch of freshness to the table, preferably in summer.

Museums, museums, museums: the new and emerging tourism in Malaga

Later we will talk about them all in depth, but first, you need to know that Malaga is already known as “the city of museums”. Today, sightseeing in Malaga without visiting any of them will leave your visit incomplete. Choose, because you will have to do it… there are so many!

Do you like contemporary art? Then, you have to visit the Centre Pompidou and the Contemporary Art Center. If you come with kids, a visit to the Museo Interactivo de la Música de Málaga is also a must… Your kids will love playing with different and original objects related to music and sound at this museum!

Automobile, Russian Art & much more…

The Russian Museum Collection is an exclusive opportunity to meet classical and contemporary artists from this country. In addition, you will enjoy an exquisite treatment by the staff. For motor-lovers, you can also find right next to it the Museo Automovilístico y de la Moda.

Returning to the city center, we should also pay a visit to the Carmen Thyssen Museuma private collection that holds different works from the 19th century. The Museum of Malaga also hosts great pieces of work from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, also housing a vast area dedicated to archeology.

But we are not finished yet… There is more art to see in Malaga!


Did you know that Picasso, one of the greatest universal artists, was born and breed in Malaga?

If you want to visit the house where he was born and enjoy an interesting collection of graphic works and pieces of pottery, you have to go to the Fundación Picasso. Just a few meters away from his birth-place you can also find the Picasso Museum and a vast work collection of this genius artist, mostly oil-paintings property of his family.

But there are more ways to come close to this illustrate Malagenian artist…

Strolling through the old town

Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know the beautiful surroundings where Picasso spent his childhood. A walk through the old town is a perfect way to walk the same streets that the painter walked some 130 years ago. It is best to start at the Plaza de la Merced, where his family house is (that is, the above mentioned Picasso Foundation), and walk down to the center on Granada Street, where you will find the church of Santiago, where Picasso was baptized.

A little further down, through Calle San Agustín, you will come across both the Picasso Museum and Malaga´s Cathedral. Our cathedral is known by the city people as “La Manquita”, meaning the one-armed, because one of the two towers that crown it remains unfinished, giving the whole building a lot of character.

Nature and shopping, just some few meters away from each other.

Once there, it is advisable to stroll through the Bishop’s Square and down to the park’s promenade, a lush grove that will lead you to the Plaza de la Marina. From there, you can go up Larios street, a pedestrian street which is the central nerve of the local shopping with incredible stores, and reach the Constitution Square. A brief tour that will make us soaked with picassian Malaga!

A brief tour that will make us soaked with picassian Malaga!

La Alcazaba

This fortress-palace of the Muslim age is of admirable beauty. You can either walk up among the towers of the old fortress or enjoy it from the street Alcazabilla, next to the Plaza de la Merced. There is also a Roman amphitheater at palace’s feet. A photograph on the move that will be even more complete if you sit down for lunch or dinner on the terrace of El Pimpi, the mythical restaurant in the center of Malaga overlooking this same place.

A nice photograph on the move that will be even more complete if you sit down for lunch or dinner at El Pimpi, the mythical cellar and restaurant in the center of Malaga, overlooking this same place.


The mountain of Gibralfaro is a spectacular place to see Malaga from above. The Parador is a spectacular place to sit for a coffee while enjoying one of the most impressive views of the city. On clear days, you can even see the Straits of Gibraltar from there! For a tourist in Malaga, it will be a fascinating way to get the city at a glance. 

Nearby you will also find the Gibralfaro castle, built to protect the above mentioned Alcazaba. The castle communicates with it by a sort of zigzag path.

These are two magnificent ways to get to know Malaga from above, but they are not the only ones!

Sun Terraces and Roof-Top Bars.

They have become fashionable in recent years as the climate here invites you to live the city outdoors. Tourism in Malaga today is not conceived without a drink or dinner in one of these impressive terraces and roof-tops. You will find a lot, but we believe these are some of the coziest:

  1. Molina Lario Hotel Terrace
  2. Roof Top AC Málaga Palacio
  3. Room Mate Larios Open Bar
  4. Oasis Lounge, where sometimes you can find live music.
  5. El Balneario Beach Terrace, in Pedregalejo.

Thyssen & Malaga Soho surroundings: for a cosmopolitan and contemporary public.

In the area surrounding the Carmen Thyssen museum, and at the Soho area, you will find bars to enjoy a more hipster environment. Places like El Muro, where you can take a rich craft beer, or the Gin Corner, are just some of the many places where you can stop to listen to different music and get to know the most cosmopolitan side of Malaga.

A walk in through the harbor

The “Dock One” of Malaga, from a few years to this part, has become an inescapable place for a relaxed and beautiful walk. It offers plenty of bars and restaurants for all tastes and pockets. Oh, and numerous stores to purchase souvenirs or fashion. There you will also find the Centre Pompidou, and the cruise’s port of Malaga. Dont forget to ride the huge wheel fo malaga, located there too, if you want to enjoy unrepeatable views of the city.

The Palmeral de las Sorpresas is also an ideal walking tour to enjoy with children, with free swings and attractions though out. Don’t forget to ride the huge sightseeing wheel fo Malaga, located there too if you want to enjoy unrepeatable views of the city.

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