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TOP 10 Best Beaches in Malaga: Attractive for its charm and proximity.

The province of Malaga has been the most prominent for sun and beach tourism for years. This is possible because it has an innumerable number of beaches and coves, which adapt to all kinds of interests among the most demanding tourists. From extreme sports to lying in the sun with a cocktail in hand.

You can enjoy beaches with crystal clear water, sand, views and many hours of sunshine. And best of all, they are very well connected, so there is no excuse not to visit them. That is why today we present you 10 beaches in Malaga that you cannot miss on your next visit.

If you are looking for a place to stay, you want to spend quality time with your loved ones and you want to have everything at your fingertips, we invite you to take a look at our tourist apartments in Malaga.

Playa de Calahonda, Nerja

The beach of Calahonda (Nerja), is the most acclaimed among visitors, you fall in love as soon as you set foot on it. Located under the Balcón de Europa, this beach will stay with you for its crystalline waters. In addition, it offers a wide variety of services and facilities, such as accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

Playa de Maro, Nerja

Maro beach is the best known on the Costa del Sol. Thanks to the fact that it is a beach that offers a unique experience, worthy of paradise. Both for the landscape that surrounds its coves, cliffs of the Sierra de Tejeda, and for the tourist activities that we find.

If you are a lover of marine life, this is your beach. Maro is defined as clean and crystalline waters, whose seabed hides a paradise of corals and exotic fish.

If you forget your glasses at home, don’t worry. Maro beach has Salamandra Multi Aventura, that offers kayak and snorkel services.

Bonus Track: If you are staying in the city center and don’t know how to go to enjoy this Malaga beach, we recommend the bus that leaves from the Centro district towards Nerja.

Playa de “El Palo”

The beach of “El Palo” is located on the Malaga coast. It is characterized by its fine sand, which invites everyone who visits it to take a walk along the shore in front of the sunset.

If you are on vacation on the date of July 16, you cannot miss the festival of the Virgen del Carmen. On this special occasion, concerts and activities for children are held. The ideal to spend a day with the family.

Bonus track: If you feel like celebrating the Virgen del Carmen festival with your friends or family, and you are a beach lover, we leave you our Jabega apartment, on the beachfront.

Playa de Pedregalejo

Pedregalejo beach ensures an experience full of flavor and fun. It is very close to the urban center, which facilitates the communication of the beach with the rest of the services.

If you are a lover of skewers… This is your beach! Not only does it have beach bars specialized in this typical dish from the Malaga coast, but it goes much further. It has several booths with coal spread along the beach. So that you become a professional espetero.

In Pedregalejo you can find our La Perla Azul Apartments on the beachfront, which will make you feel at home. In addition, they offer the best views of the incredible sunsets, are you going to miss it?

Playa de los Baños del Carmen

Baños del Carmen beach is known for its casual atmosphere and its crystal clear waters. If you are in Malaga, we strongly advise you not to miss the sunset from the El Balneario beach bar that is located on its sea.

It is a small and cozy cove, suitable for pets, from where you can enjoy the best view of the sunsets in the city.

La Malagueta, Málaga

Malagueta beach is the best known, both by tourists and by locals. We can baptize this cove as a beach full of life, because it is one of the beaches most visited by families and young people.

It is the closest beach to the city center, being a walk from the restaurants and shops. Therefore, after a refreshing bath, we invite you to visit the leisure and cultural center of our city.

Bonus Track: La Malagueta beach has been awarded the Blue Flag title, so a high-quality and safe bath is guaranteed. It is one of the most visited beaches in Malaga par excellence.

Playa de la Caleta, Málaga

The beach “La Caleta” is very close to La Malagueta, very close to the urban center of Malaga. Thanks to this location, you can get there in different ways, both by bus and by car.

This beach is perfect to spend an entertaining day with your friends or family. It has playgrounds, fitness structures, pedal boats service… You can even enjoy a picnic under the shade of a palm tree. Not to be missed.

Playa de la Misericordia, Málaga

La Misericordia beach is a cove full of memories. It has a promenade that runs from end to end, full of beach bars to enjoy a good fried “fish”. Very close to our apartments in the station area.

The most special thing about this promenade is that we can find different chimneys from Málaga Industrial that give it a peculiar and photogenic touch. It is one of the beaches in Malaga that stands out for its fusion with the industrial culture of the area.

Bonus Track: On the beach of La Misericordia, a particular phenomenon occurs. Due to the ship “el Melillero”, a large wave is generated at its entrance into the port that causes the tide to rise several meters fleetingly. So, if you visit this beach…. Be careful! We don’t want your towel to get wet from this big wave.

Playa Peñón del Cuervo, Málaga

The Peñón del Cuervo beach is an essential visit if you are looking for a unique and extraordinary beach. The strong point of this cove is the feeling of tranquility and privacy that it transmits. That is because it lacks beach bars and large restaurants.

On the contrary, it is a beach that offers unforgettable moments, since nocturnal moragas are celebrated where skewers are cooked. Also, it has a service to make barbecues, suitable for any celebration.

Playa del Bajondillo, Torremolinos

Bajondillo beach is located in Torremolinos, being one of the best-known beaches on the Costa del Sol. It has a promenade full of beach bars on the beach, with hammock service. So you can enjoy the sun in a more comfortable way.

If you stay in Malaga and want to visit the Bajondillo beach and the leisure center located near it, you can do so thanks to its excellent communications network.

This has been our selection of the Malaga beaches that we recommend visiting if you visit the city of Malaga. Each one shines in a unique way and offers your visitor an experience to remember!

Remember that if you need accommodation in Malaga, you can find information about our apartments on our website.

We will be happy to receive you and assist you with any question or doubt!

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