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Malaga is becoming, in its own right, one of the trendiest destinations for digital nomads from all over the world. It is the ideal city to combine work with good weather all year round, beautiful beaches, cultural tourism and excellent gastronomy.

Due to its unique location and Mediterranean climate, its cosmopolitan atmosphere and its wide range of leisure and cultural activities, it is also one of the main destinations in Southern Europe… As well as being the birthplace of Picasso!

In an increasingly digitalised world and with enormous freedom to choose where we want to telecommute from, the Costa del Sol is a perfect destination for digital nomads.

Why choose Malaga for teleworking?

Excellent Infrastructure

Located just 8 km from the centre of Malaga, Malaga-Costa del Sol International Airport has connections to more than 140 cities around the world.

The local train network connects the airport with some of the most important coastal towns, such as Torremolinos, Benalmádena and Fuengirola. In addition, with WonderStays you can stay close to the Maria Zambrano train station in the centre of Malaga, from where several high-speed trains depart to Madrid, Cordoba, Seville and Barcelona.

Unbeatable climate

In case you didn’t already know, in Malaga we have no less than 320 days of sunshine per year on average.

This mild climate (except for the summer months) makes the coastal strip in particular a paradise that we can enjoy all year round. Undoubtedly one of the major factors that contribute significantly to a good quality of life.

Exquisite gastronomy

Oh, the famous Mediterranean diet! Here you have it, with the best that the sea has to offer, together with a huge variety of tropical fruit and vegetables (even organic) from the Guadalhorce Valley, also known as the market garden of Malaga. And, due to the mild climate, we have it all year round, from the middle kilometre, ripening in the sun.

Andalusian cuisine is a delicacy. There are countless tasty dishes that developed from simple dishes for the peasants, both spoon dishes and a variety of meats that you can find especially in the inland villages.

Huge choice of leisure activities

Having a good time is in the blood of the Malagueños, they can’t help it! Any occasion is a good excuse to party with family and friends, go out dancing, for dinner, drinks or tapas.

Therefore, the choice of bars is immense. In Malaga you can go to another bar every night for a whole year and you haven’t even seen a fifth of it, you can also enjoy live music every day of the week!

And we haven’t even mentioned the Chiringuitos of Malaga, something very much our own and an absolute must! Or you can go to one of the best Beach Clubs, cocktail in hand, to the music of the best DJs. In addition, the cinemas located in the shopping centres usually offer films in original version, as well as the recently opened Autocine of Malaga.

Gran Oferta cultural

Malaga is the Spanish city with the most museums in its old town. If you are interested in culture, there is also a wide range of cultural activities on offer which you can combine perfectly with a coffee on a terrace in the city centre.

Museo Picasso Málaga

Beaches for all tastes

The Costa del Sol has a total of 160 km of beaches from Nerja in the easternmost part to Manilva, bordering the province of Cadiz.

While the beaches on the west coast from Manilva to Malaga are the most popular for tourists, the beaches on the east coast from Malaga to Nerja are not only different in appearance with many beautiful hidden coves, but are also less crowded.

Barranco de Maro Cove

Malaga also has 8 naturist beaches and our furry friends can also enjoy doggy beaches in Malaga.

But if what moves you to come as a digital nomad to Malaga is to telecommute with spectacular sea views, in WonderStays we have flats on the beachfront.

Nature in its purest form & Outdoor Activities

What we have in Malaga is simply spectacular, in addition to the wide range of Sun and Beach.

Malaga also has 8 naturist beaches and our furry friends can also enjoy doggy beaches in Malaga.

But if what moves you to come as a digital nomad to Malaga is to telecommute with spectacular sea views, in WonderStays we have flats on the beachfront.

Nature in its purest form & Outdoor Activities

What we have in Malaga is simply spectacular, in addition to the wide range of sun and beach activities on offer.

Caminito del Rey

In our extensive and constantly expanding guide you can find lots of ideas for outdoor activities, just to give you an idea of the infinite number of things you can do in Malaga!

What’s more…!

Moreover, according to the prestigious magazine Forbes, Malaga is among the 20 best cities in the world to work and live, naming the variety of international schools and low crime rate or the cost of living.

To which we can add without a doubt the enormous friendliness of the Malagueños, the pleasant treatment wherever you are, you can always strike up a conversation and see someone smiling.

Being a Digital Nomad in Malaga

Photo El Periodico

Did you know that Malaga in 2020 was the European Capital of Smart Tourism?

The title recognises the achievements of cities in four areas: accessibility, digitalisation, sustainability and cultural heritage and creativity.

Malaga WorkBay

The City Council has recently launched a new platform, Malaga WorkBay, which offers all the relevant information that a teleworker needs to set up in Malaga and be able to work and/or start up a business: services, transport, accommodation, etc.

It also has a technical office to assist teleworkers, offering them personalised guidance. By simply registering through the website you can access a space with personalised attention, discounts and advantages, cultural and leisure activities, as well as networking meetings.

It is available in Spanish, English and German.

Coworking Spaces in Malaga

Tanto en la capital como en otras ciudades a lo largo de la Costa del Sol (Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Marbella Y Estepona) hay un nutrido número de espacios de Coworking, oficinas compartidas donde recrear el mejor ambiente laboral, con la ventaja de separar tu espacio personal del de trabajo.

Coworking Spaces in Malaga

Coworking Doblemitad Foto MalagaWorkBay

La Aduana Cowork | Web:
Innovation Campus | Web:
Larios First Workspaces | Web:
Beworking | Web:
The Living Room Coworking | Web:
Coworking Málaga | Web:
Coworking Málaga Centro | Web:
Coworking Malaca XXI | Web:
Área Cowork | Web:
Vértice Emprende Málaga | Web:
Coworking Doblemitad | Web:
Grow Working | Web:
Dog Work Málaga | Web:
El centro Coworking | Web:
La Marina Coworking | Web:
Ecolaboral Coworking | Web:

PTA – Parque Tecnológico Málaga

In Malaga there are more than 60 international companies, most of them are located in the Technical Park (such as Google, TDK, Ericsson, Accenture or Vodafone), where there are currently a total of 630 companies, more than 150 of which are newly created.

Malaga TechPark Photo Workbay

The TechPark Malaga will have a new residential building by the end of 2022. The building also has 56 parking spaces and a swimming pool, as well as a bar-cafeteria, laundry, common rooms, a multi-purpose room, a gym, coworking spaces, a social lounge with a cinema, an events room and a restaurant.


Accommodation for Digital Nomads

With WonderStays and its prices adapted for long stays you can enjoy the city from your accommodation in the city centre, next to the train station María Zambrano, or on the beachfront of Pedregalejo.

What are you waiting for? Contact us and we will advise you before and during your stay, we will be happy to host you!

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